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Illinois Basin–Decatur Project injection well and pipeline, August 2012. Photo by Daniel Byers for the MGSC.
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium Reaches a Major Milestone
at the Illinois Basin - Decatur Project
The Illinois Basin - Decatur Project (IBDP) has reached its halfway point, injecting 500,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide into a saline reservoir at the Archer Daniels Midland facility in Decatur, Illinois. Injection of supercritical carbon dioxide began in November 2011 at a rate of 1,000 metric tons per day. The project goal is to inject 1 million metric tons by the end of 2014.
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Geology of the Mahomet Aquifer
Geology of the Mahomet Aquifer in Champaign County
On March 21, 2013, Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) staff members Bill Dey and Andrew Stumpf made a presentation titled “Geology of the Mahomet Aquifer” to the Board of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District. Their presentation provided an overview of a project undertaken by the ISGS to study the geology and hydrogeology of the Mahomet aquifer in Champaign County. The project was funded through a contract with the Illinois American Water Company.
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LiDAR digital surface model
Illinois Height Modernization: LiDAR Derivatives
ArcGrid format datasets are available for free download for selected Illinois counties. The classified LiDAR LAS point cloud data have been processed to create a full-resolution digital terrain model (DTM) or digital elevation model (DEM), as well as a digital surface model (DSM) for each county area. Additionally, the associated shaded relief model, or ‘hillshade’, has been created for each DTM/DEM and DSM. An ArcGIS v.10.1 mxd is provided for each county, and the ArcGrid pyramid files and statistics have been created for the county derivatives in order to facilitate display and analysis.
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Illinois Basin–Decatur Project injection well and pipeline, August 2012. Photo by Daniel Byers for the MGSC.
Illinois Basin–Decatur Project Hosts Delegation from China
On January 24, 2013, ISGS staff members Sallie Greenberg and Randall Locke hosted a delegation of nine scientists, engineers, and administrators from the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Energy Resource and Chemical Engineering and Shaanxi Blower Co., Xi’an, China, and the University of Wyoming, Laramie, at a workshop featuring a site tour and project overview of the Illinois Basin–Decatur Project in Decatur, Illinois.
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Birds-eye view of highway exits
ISGS Manual in Illinois Environmental Regulations
The Illinois Pollution Control Board has incorporated the ISGS publication OFS 2012-1 by reference into the environmental regulations of the State of Illinois, in this case regarding clean construction and demolition debris (CCDD)—Illinois Administrative Code Title 35, Part 1100, Subpart A, Section 1100.104...
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Zomba and Urbana Sister Cities Committee members and Zomba City staff at the Guardian Ablution Block, Zomba Hospital in Malawi.
Waste Management and Urban Poverty in Africa
ISGS Engineering Geologist, Christopher Stohr, participated in an international meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, co-sponsored by the Sister Cities International, Inter Region Economic Network Kenya and Eastern Africa Sister Cities, and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. As the project manager for the local part of the trilateral group composed of Urbana, Illinois (USA)–Zomba (Malawi)–Haizhu District Guangzhou (People’s Republic of China), Stohr signed an agreement for a development project...
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IDOT 2011 Orthoimagery – Coming Soon!
The Illinois State Geological Survey will distribute Illinois Department of Transportation 2011 Orthoimagery (“leaf –off” aerial photographs) on the Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse. This imagery includes all counties except the following: Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will. A variety of downloadable imagery products, including Geotiff, JPEG 2000, and an imagery statewide mosaic will be launched in multiple releases, as the imagery is processed. We expect the releases to begin late August barring any unforeseen circumstances. Please continue to visit the website for updates on the releases. For questions, contact Mark Yacucci at yacucci@illinois.edu


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Illinois hydraulic fracking bill becomes law
After a nearly unanimous vote by the Illinois legislature, on June 17, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn signed the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act ("HFRA") into law. The ISGS, along with the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS), the State Fire Marshal, and the Illinois EPA will assist the Department of Natural Resources regarding investigation of alleged violations.
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Camp gives students hands-on experience in variety of scientific fields
Students at the Prairie Research Institute Science Camp are working with institute scientists on research activities in the lab and in the field — making biofuels to run a go-cart, banding birds, and taking soil and water samples, among other things.
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Public's tone has changed on FutureGen 2.0
Staff member C. Pius Weibel demonstrates to Morgan County Commissioner Dick Rawlings the porosity of a rock during a FutureGen workshop at Jacksonville High School Tuesday.
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Fracking will boost our rural economy
Congressional Representative, John Shimkus, contributed this editorial piece on fracking in Illinois.
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Breaking down the science behind sinkholes
In relation to a 20-foot diameter sinkhole developed on Chicago's South Side, ISGS Geologist, Samuel Panno, talks about the science behind sinkholes that occur in urban areas.
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Discussion, lecture on Illinois' coal fossilized forests
CARBONDALE — The Illinois Native Plant Society (Southern Chapter), Sigma Xi (SIU Chapter) and the Department of Plant Biology (SIU) will present a lecture and discussion by Scott Elrick at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 18, at the Life Science III Auditorium at SIU.
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