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Illinois Height Modernization: LiDAR Derivatives

Data Products

Datasets in ArcGrid format are available for selected Illinois counties. The original, classified LiDAR data point cloud has been processed to create a digital terrain model (DTM) and a digital surface model (DSM) for each county. Additionally, each county .zip file contains an associated shaded relief model, or ‘hillshade’, an ArcGIS v.10.1 .mxd file, and also ArcGrid pyramid files and statistics to facilitate display and analysis. Visit the Illinois LiDAR Data page to access originally contracted data deliverables (bare earth, contours, DAT, DGN, LAS, and TIN).

Product Definitions

DSM: all returns
Processing all returns in the classified point cloud that represent both the ground surface and aboveground features (buildings, roadways and overpasses, vegetation, etc.) produces a DSM. A DSM is commonly referred to as the ‘First Returns’ reflective surface model.
DTM: ground returns with hydrologic breaklines
When only the ground returns in a classified point cloud are used, the resulting hydro-flattened grid of bare-earth elevations is a DTM. Also, lake surfaces are smoothed and stream courses are conditioned for downhill flow using breakline data. This subset of the processed returns from the airborne laser sensor represent the ground surface and is commonly referred to as the ‘Bare Earth’ point cloud.
DEM: ground returns without hydrologic breaklines
When hydro-flattening is not imposed during processing of the ground returns, either because of missing or insufficient breakline data, the resulting Bare Earth elevation grid is classified as a DEM.

Comparison of DSM and DTM

Download Data

Note: ZIP files are large in size; some may take several hours to download. Make certain your Internet provider does not have a 2GB cap or time limit on file downloads. Submit a Help Request Form to receive any county by mail.

  2009 - Adams   ZIP  23.8 GB               2011 - Hardin
2014 - Hardin
  by request
              xxxx - Morgan   not acquired
  2009-2011 - Alexander   by request               2012 - Henderson   ZIP  8.51 GB               2011 - Moultrie   ZIP  5.7 GB
  xxxx - Bond   not acquired               2009 - Henry   ZIP  12.1 GB               2009 - Ogle   ZIP  11.5 GB
  2007 - Boone   ZIP  4.2 GB               xxxx - Iroquois   not acquired               2008 - Peoria
2012 - Peoria
  ZIP  7.5 GB
ZIP  13.6 GB
  xxxx - Brown   not acquired               2014 - Jackson   expected               2014 - Perry   expected
  xxxx - Bureau   not acquired               2011 - Jasper   ZIP  10.6 GB               2010 - Piatt
2012 - Piatt
  ZIP  32.0 GB
ZIP  17.0 GB
  2009-2011 - Calhoun   by request               2012 - Jefferson   ZIP  6.23 GB               xxxx - Pike   not acquired
  2009 - Carroll   ZIP  7.77 GB               2009-2011 - Jersey   by request               2011 - Pope
2014 - Pope
  by request
  2011 - Cass   by request               2009 - JoDaviess   ZIP  10.6 GB               2012 - Pulaski   ZIP  6.3 GB
  2008 - Champaign   ZIP  10.6 GB               2012 - Johnson   ZIP  11.8 GB               2012 - Putnam   ZIP  4.0 GB
  xxxx - Christian   not acquired               2008 - Kane   ZIP  8.0 GB               2012 - Randolph   ZIP  16.7 GB
  2011 - Clark   ZIP  10.9 GB               2014 - Kankakee   expected               2011 - Richland   ZIP  12.4 GB
  2011 - Clay   ZIP  15.5 GB               2010 - Kendall   ZIP  6.1 GB               2009 - Rock Island   ZIP  7.24 GB
  xxxx - Clinton   not acquired               2012 - Knox   ZIP  24.4 GB               2012 - St. Clair   ZIP  20.4 GB
  2011 - Coles   ZIP  8.6 GB               2007 - Lake   ZIP  13.1 GB               2011 - Saline   ZIP  5.4 GB
  2008 - Cook   contact county               xxxx - LaSalle   not acquired               xxxx - Sangamon   not acquired
  2011 - Crawford   ZIP  10.1 GB               2011 - Lawrence   ZIP  8.5 GB               xxxx - Schuyler   not acquired
  2011 - Cumberland   ZIP  7.6 GB               2009 - Lee   ZIP  10.6 GB               xxxx - Scott   not acquired
  2009 - DeKalb   contact county               xxxx - Livingston   not acquired               2011 - Shelby   ZIP  15.9 GB
  2012 - DeWitt   ZIP  16.0 GB               2013 - Logan   ZIP  70.2 GB               2012 - Stark   ZIP  8.11 GB
  2012 - Douglas   ZIP  15.2 GB               2011 - Macon   ZIP  9.0 GB               2009 - Stephenson   ZIP  9.84 GB
  2006 - DuPage   ZIP(-s)  3.0 GB               xxxx - Macoupin   not acquired               2012 - Tazewell   ZIP  14.2 GB
  2012 - Edgar   ZIP  23.9 GB               2014 - Madison   expected               2009-2011 - Union   by request
  2011 - Edwards   ZIP  5.4 GB               xxxx - Marion   not acquired               2012 - Vermilion   ZIP  34.1 GB
  2011 - Effingham   ZIP  10.3 GB               2012 - Marshall   ZIP  9.8 GB               2011 - Wabash   ZIP  5.7 GB
  2011 - Fayette   ZIP  16.8 GB               xxxx - Mason   not acquired               2011-2012 - Warren   ZIP  15.1 GB
  xxxx - Ford   not acquired               2012 - Massac   ZIP  7.5 GB               xxxx - Washington   not acquired
  2014 - Franklin   ZIP  13.9 GB               2012 - McDonough   ZIP  11.8 GB               2011 - Wayne   ZIP  16.3 GB
  2012 - Fulton   ZIP  21.3 GB               2008 - McHenry   ZIP  7.30 GB               2012 - White   ZIP  10 GB
  2012 - Gallatin   ZIP  4.42 GB               2012 - McLean   ZIP  4.47 GB               2009 - Whiteside   ZIP  11.6 GB
  xxxx - Greene   not acquired               xxxx - Menard   not acquired               2004 - Will
2014 - Will
  ZIP  6.8 GB
  2008 - Grundy   ZIP  4.76 GB               2012 - Mercer   ZIP  17.1 GB               2011 - Williamson   ZIP  6.3 GB
  2012 - Hamilton   ZIP  5.9 GB               2012 - Monroe   ZIP  12.0 GB               2007 - Winnebago   ZIP  8.1 GB
  xxxx - Hancock   not acquired               xxxx - Montgomery   not acquired               2012 - Woodford   ZIP  12.7 GB


expected = LiDAR has been acquired but not yet delivered; derivative data products will be produced.

by request = derivative data available upon request. Please submit Help Request Form.

not acquired = LiDAR not acquired or planned

contact county = distribution is available only through county; contact information available from ISGS.

(-s) = digital surface model not yet available.

Other Projects

Illinois River Floodplain LiDAR Sample - 2009-2011New

This data is being provided as a sample of a larger data set. The entire project area will become available at a later data. This data is provided in preliminary status; data deliverables for the entire project area are being reprocessed, to correct errors as specified in the "Illinois River USGS LiDAR Quality Assessment Report." Please read the Quality Assessment Report before using this data sample in any applications.

          Illinois River Hennepin/Peoria Area Sample Data Package - ZIP  1.44 GB

          Illinois River USGS LiDAR Quality Assessment Report - PDF  1.96 MB


Generalized metadata has been produced for each county DTM/DEM and DSM derivative data product, which can be accessed by clicking on a selected grid file using ArcCatalog. Be certain you have first selected on the ArcCatalog toolbar the ‘FGDC CSDGM Metadata’ option under Customize > ArcCatalog Options > Metadata. Please refer to the Readme file within each county ZIP download file for additional distribution information.

Terms of Use

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To reproduce ISGS information beyond the fair use standard, permission must be obtained from the ISGS Information Office, 615 East Peabody Drive, Champaign, Illinois 61820, 217-333-4747, License fees and a license agreement may be required, depending on the proposed usage. Any use of these data is governed by University and campus policies, in particular, but not limited to, the Policy on Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the ISGS Terms of Use document available at the ISGS Web site, and the University of Illinois Web Privacy Notice. Links to these are provided in the Cross References section of the records metadata.

Map information is to be used at a scientifically and cartographically appropriate scale, that is, at a scale no greater than indicated on the map or as described in the documentation of the map or map data. Map information is not appropriate for, and is not to be used as, a geodetic, legal, or engineering base. Map information has no legal basis in the definition of boundaries or property lines and is not intended as a substitute for surveyed locations such as can be determined by a registered Public Land Surveyor. The data do not replace the need for detailed site-specific studies.